Now is the time to make your voices heard! The Virginia Women’s Monument Commission seeks nominations, from across the Commonwealth, of women who warrant having their names inscribed on the Wall of Honor.

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The women memorialized here should have demonstrated notable achievement during their lifetime, made a significant contribution to their community or set an enduring example at the regional, state or national level. Specific criteria for the selection process approved by the Commission appear below, along with the names of 12 women, chosen by the Commission, to be featured in bronze within the monument.

Fundraising for the $3.7 million needed to create the Monument is ongoing; more information on the Monument is available by calling (804) 786-1010. Please submit your nominations online or on a Printable Nomination Form.

Criteria for Inclusion on the Wall of Honor Must have been a native Virginian or have lived a great portion of her life in Virginia, and be known and recognized as a Virginian, or have achieved or contributed in a significant manner while living in Virginia. Must no longer be living and have died at least ten years prior to consideration.

Must have demonstrated notable achievement, made a significant contribution, or set an important example, within her chosen field of endeavor, her region or at the state or national level.

Significance will be assessed within the context of what was customary for a woman to have achieved or contributed in the context of the particular time, place and circumstances in which she lived and worked.

Consideration will be given to representation from each century of Virginia history and each region of the state, and to the full range of backgrounds from which women came and the many of the fields of endeavor in which they were involved.

The names inscribed on the wall will not form a comprehensive list of Virginia’s most notable women, but rather offer a representative and inspiring sample of women of achievement and contribution.