The Virginia Capitol Foundation announced on October 30, 2018 that the granite plaza foundation for Voices from the Garden: The Virginia Women’s Monument is completed and soon will be open for viewing by the public. In addition, the 230 Virginia women whose names are inscribed on the monument’s glass Wall of Honor were revealed. The full press release with additional media content (PDF).

The list names inscribed on Voices from the Garden: The Virginia Women’s Monument's Wall of Honor
Printable List (PDF)

Wall of Honor:Two Virginia First Ladies, Susan Allen, left, and Pam Northam, right
Two Virginia First Ladies, Susan Allen, left, and Pam Northam, right
Photo Courtesy of the Library of Virginia
Wall of Honor:Secretary Connor
Secretary Connor
Photo Courtesy of the Library of Virginia
Wall of Honor:Susan Clarke Schaar
Susan Clarke Schaar, Clerk of the Senate (left)
Photo Courtesy of the Library of Virginia

Em Bowles Locker Alsop
Pocahontas (Matoaka)
Anne Burras Laydon
Martha Washington
Mary Draper Ingles
Clementina Rind
Elizabeth Keckly
Sally L. Tompkins
Maggie L. Walker
Sarah G. Jones
Laura S. Copenhaver
Virginia E. Randolph
Adèle Clark
Pauline F. Adams
Mollie Adams
Lucy Addison
Mary Aggie
Ella G. Agnew
Mary C. Alexander
Sharifa Alkhateeb
Susie M. Ames
Eleanor Copenhaver Anderson
V. C. Andrews
Orie Moon Andrews
Ann (Pamunkey chief)
Grace Arents
Nancy Astor
Addie D. Atkinson
Anne Bailey
Odessa P. Bailey
Mary Julia Baldwin
Lucy Barbour
Hazel K. Barger
Janie Porter Barrett
Kate Waller Barrett
M. Majella Berg
Frances Berkeley
Ann Bignall
Aline E. Black
Mary Blackford
Catherine Blaikley
Florence A. Blanchfield
Anna Bland
Cynthia Boatwright
Elisabeth S. Bocock
Anna W. Bodeker
Carrie J. Bolden
Mary Marshall Bolling
Matilda M. Booker
Gladys Boone
Dorothy Rouse Bottom
Geline MacDonald Bowman
Mary Richards Bowser
Rosa D. Bowser
Belle Boyd
Sarah Patton Boyle
Mildred Bradshaw
Lucy Goode Brooks
Belle S. Bryan
Mary E. Brydon
Annabel Morris Buchanan
Dorothea D. Buck
Pattie Buford
Evelyn T. Butts
Mary Willing Byrd
Sadie Heath Cabaniss
Mary Virginia Ellet Cabell
Willie Walker Caldwell
Edith Lindeman Calisch
Christiana Campbell
Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell
Eliza J. Carrington
Maybelle Carter
Sara Carter
Virginia Cary
Ruth Harvey Charity

Jean Outland Chrysler
Patsy Cline
Matty L. Cocke
Sarah Johnson Cocke
Naomi S. Cohn
Cynthia B. T. Coleman
Edna M. Colson
Esther I. Cooper
Hannah Lee Corbin
Ann Cotton
Lucy Ann Cox
Daphne Dailey
Margaret Dashiell
Jo Ann Davis
Grace E. Davis
Jennie Dean
Helen Dewar
Emily W. Dinwiddie
Claudia Dodson
Bertha L. Douglass
M. Estelle Eley
Virginia Randolph Ellett
Margaret Erskine
Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans
Sarah Lee Fain
Lillie Fearnow
Rachel Findlay
Edith Fitzgerald
Ella Fitzgerald
Eve D. Fout
Ethel Bailey Furman
Elizabeth Furness
Mary Jeffery Galt
Charlotte C. Giesen
Ellen Glasgow
Meta Glass
Thelma Young Gordon
Nancy Hale
India Hamilton
Dorothy Hamm
Marion Harland
Laura Jane Harper
Jean Harris
Orie Latham Hatcher
Della I. Hayden
Mary Rice Hayes-Allen
Sally Hemings
Rachel Henderlite
Helen T. Henderson
Susanne Hirt
Ann Makemie Holden
Judith Hope
Grace Hopper
Nora Houston
Mary W. Jackson
Annabella R. Jenkins
Kate Jeter
Florence Jodzies
Barbara Johns
Julia Johns
Mary Johnston
Mary Johnston-Brittain
Georgeanna Jones
Thomasina E. Jordan
Ona Judge
May L. Keller
Emma V. Kelley
Christine Herter Kendall
Lucille Chaffin Kent
Elizabeth Key
Ellen G. Kidd
Alice Kyle
Henrietta Lacks
Anna Maria Lane
Orra Langhorne
Irene Leache
Edna Lewis
Elizabeth D. Lewis
Matilda Lindsay
Judith Lomax
Rebecca Lovenstein
Louise O'Connor Lucas
Mary Tyler Cheek McClenahan
Dorothy S. McDiarmid
Sarah Madden
Dolley Madison
Pauline F. Maloney
Miriam  D. Mann
Bessie N. Marshall
Lucy Randolph Mason
Vivian Carter Mason
Amaza Lee Meredith
Alice duPont Mills
Jane Minor
Nannie J. Minor
Lottie Moon
Undine Smith Moore
Georgia Weston Morgan
Irene Morgan
Mary-Cooke Branch Munford
Elizabeth Nottingham
Elizabeth L. Otey
Mary Morton Parsons
Nina K. Peace
Mary Peake
Rebekah Peterkin
Marian Poe
Theresa Pollak
Amelia E. P. Pride
Orleana Puckett
Caroline F. Putnam
Mary Randolph
Jessie M. Rattley
Eudora Ramsay Richardson
Isabel Rogers
Wané Roonseraw
Dorothy Roy
Elizabeth Russell
Nellie Pratt Russell
Marion duPont Scott
Mary Wingfield Scott
Eleanor P. Sheppard
Grace Sherwood
Catherine Filene Shouse
Henrietta Shuck
Jean Skipwith
Isabel Dodge Sloane
Louise J. Smith
Anne Spencer
Elizabeth Allen Smith
Annie Snyder
Ora B. Stokes
Kathryn H. Stone
Queena Stovall
Mary C. Stowers
Alice Jackson Stuart
Kate Peters Sturgill
Evelyn Reid Syphax
Elizabeth N. Tompkins
Amélie Rives Troubetzkoy
Lucile Barrow Turner
Lila Meade Valentine
Elizabeth Van Lew
Mary B. Wade
Mabel Lee Walton
Melissa Warfield
Laura Martin Wheelwright
Edith Bolling Wilson
Jean Wood
Helen Wood
Temperance Flowerdew Yeardley
Martha Anne Woodrum Zillhardt

Submit Nominations to the Wall of Honor

The women memorialized here should have demonstrated notable achievement during their lifetime, made a significant contribution to their community or set an enduring example at the regional, state or national level. Specific criteria for the selection process approved by the Commission appear below.

Please submit your nominations online or on a Printable Nomination Form.

Criteria for Inclusion on the Wall of Honor:

Significance will be assessed within the context of what was customary for a woman to have achieved or contributed in the context of the particular time, place and circumstances in which she lived and worked.

Consideration will be given to representation from each century of Virginia history and each region of the state, and to the full range of backgrounds from which women came and the many of the fields of endeavor in which they were involved.

The names inscribed on the wall will not form a comprehensive list of Virginia’s most notable women, but rather offer a representative and inspiring sample of women of achievement and contribution.